February 2017- Ouma Lena se Huis

Ouma Lena se Huis is a project in Melkhoutfontein, which is run under the BADISA banner by volunteers from Stilbaai and Melkhoutfontein to assist with the empowerment of the community by running various courses and equipping them with much needed life skills.

The facility caters for aftercare for around 50 to 70 children between the ages of 5 and 14 years old, who go there directly from school. The children are provided with lunch and then a cooked meal at 16:00 just before they go home.  Warm showers are provided to the children too as their homes do not have any running water which leaves a lot to be desired in terms of personal hygiene.

From 14:00 there are volunteers from Stilbaai who assist with remedial teaching, reading and homework as well as providing the children with an afternoon a week where they can become creative. They also offer additional Maths to the high school children to assist them to close the gap between their peers at schools.

An early intervention center for toddlers, that are not able to be sent to a nursery school in Melkhoutfointein, is also provided. They cater for 28 children and 4 teachers of which 2 are volunteers.

Computer courses are offered to the young unemployed individuals to enable them to find work with their newly acquired skills. This too, is facilitated by a volunteer from Stilbaai.

The issue they have experienced is the need for updated equipment as their current equipment was not up to scratch and was costing too much to maintain in a workable condition, which is where Ubusha could assist in resolving this obstacle they were facing.

Through Ubusha’s donation, they are now able to offer more advanced computer courses to their community on brand new equipment and the children can do their school projects on the PC’s and print them out in colour. Ouma Lena se Huis hosted their first course using their newly donated computer equipment on the 24th February.

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