August 2017 – Ubusha Implements SailPoint’s cloud-based security Solution for Vitality

Vitality, the company changing health and life insurance for good, has partnered with security services provider Ubusha to implement SailPoint’s IdentityNow offering, a unique cloud-based solution that provides next-generation IT security capabilities.

“IdentityNow will rapidly improve the visibility to business and governance of who accesses Vitality’s IT systems. This will allow administrators to automate access assignments and revocations, and regularly review assigned user access,” says Andrew Whittaker, Practice Manager at Ubusha, a security services company that specialises in identity, access and governance.

As a cloud-based solution, SailPoint IdentityNow is delivered as a service and enables Vitality to manage both its on-premises environment and its cloud-based offerings via a single tool. This new identity as a service (IDaaS) offering, continues Whittaker, will allow Vitality to remain secure while also accessing the numerous benefits provided by the cloud, including flexibility, agility, scalability and the cost-efficiency of a pay-as-you-use model.

Being fast to set up and easy to use, IdentityNow will deliver immediate value to business and IT users, ensuring that Vitality is able to supply the right access to the right users at the right time. In addition, the IDaaS solution provides the perfect answer to any security, risk mitigation and compliance challenges.

“Vitality is known as an incredibly innovative company, so it is no surprise it has selected a security solution that is in line with this thinking – IdentityNow is at the leading edge of a new wave of IDaaS solutions and the early adoption of this solution means Vitality will be one of first enterprises to leverage the full value of the cloud.

“We are thrilled to be partnered with Vitality. They are a prime example of how leading companies are recognising the benefits of cloud-based approaches and how these can be applied to security challenges,” adds Whittaker.

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