Digital transformation for today’s world

The business landscape is evolving at a rapid pace. We have increasingly progressed from person-to-person interactions to transacting via digital channels. The need for remote work and access continues to grow.

We are now also working more remotely than we ever have before. With this, more data is collected, applied, stored and now needs to be protected. It is critical to be 100% sure of the identity of a person, machine or organisation. But ensuring the security of data or the accuracy of identities shouldn’t hinder a customer’s or employee’s journey.

What is needed is a solution and service that is trusted and that offers a seamless user experience.

Creating value every step of the way

That is why we will assess your unique security environment and consider your legacy systems before providing a solution that is tailored to meet your business needs. We look at what the most cost-effective and efficient way is to proactively secure and monitor your enterprise systems and data, 24/7.

Securing identities.
Creating and managing them to be trusted.

We reduce the risks associated with employees, third parties and customers who are accessing your networks from multiple remote devices, our Zero Trust framework providers you with a range of services.

Securing identities.

Our solutions and services cater to your legacy and hybrid system needs, extending to Digital Identity management:

  • Zero Trust based framework
  • Identity governance
  • Privileged account management and security
  • Dynamic authorisation
  • Consumer identity and access management

Managing and protecting valuable data

Your data is everywhere. Let us help you ensure that it doesn’t become a risk.

Protecting and managing valuable data

Our solutions can be applied to structured and unstructured data and services include:

  • Discovery and classification of your data
  • Applying policy to successfully manage data
  • Achievement of regulatory compliance (including GDPR and POPIA)
  • Encryption and obfuscation of your most sensitive data

A holistic approach to cybersecurity

Focus on the business of doing business and let us protect what matters to you, 24/7.

A holistic approach to cybersecurity

Our managed security services include:

  • Network monitoring through our Security Operations Centre
  • Vulnerability testing
  • Firewall set-up and management
  • Cryptology and encryption services
  • Digital document authentication

We would love to partner with
you on your security risk reduction journey.

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