Data Protection

structured and unstructured
More so than ever, companies are pressured to protect data

Data Protection

structured and unstructured data

More so than ever, companies are pressured to protect data. Not only through increasingly relevant legislation and the threat of audits but by customers who are demanding privacy of their data.

Our established Data Privacy Practice adopts an advisory approach to this topic and applies to both structured and unstructured data.

We can help you discover dark and sensitive data in your environments, apply policy to better manage your data, achieve regulatory compliance (POPI/GDPR) and secure your most sensitive data.

We achieve this by either leveraging your existing systems’ security capabilities and recommending solutions where needed or by implementing a full framework to cater to these needs.

Discovery of Dark and Sensitive Data

  • Classification (In scope, not in scope, disposition)
  • ROT hygiene
  • Auditing

Apply Policy to Manage Data

  • Monitor
  • Notify
  • Move
  • Redact
  • Encrypt/ mask
  • Delete

Regulatory Compliance (GDPR, POPI)

  • Retention
  • Subject matter access requests
  • Minimization
  • Defensible disposition

Encrypt the most Sensitive Data

  • Encryption
  • Obfuscation
  • Access control
  • Identity Security enables security and provides fantastic user experience for workforce, partners and consumers

  • Identity Security is the key to enabling your digital transformation programme

  • We implement Modern Identity Services and Consumer Identity Management solutions to deliver secure access for customers, workforces, devices and partners

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