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Disruptive technologies such as AI, the cloud, big data, IoT, machine learning and Robotics are contributing to a growing digital transformation trend. Smart businesses are adopting these technologies to achieve a competitive edge and satisfy the customer demands that arise from the intersection of people and technology. Your options are clear – embark on your digital transformation journey – or risk falling behind the curve. Your business must transform to deliver the excellent customer experiences that your future customers demand.  Altron Security has developed a deep understanding of disruptive technologies to ensure your successful digital transformation.

We are your perfect partners to implement the Identity Security solutions needed to take your business into the digital age.

  • Identity Security enables security and provides fantastic user experience for workforce, partners and consumers

  • Identity Security is the key to enabling your digital transformation programme

  • We implement Modern Identity Services and Consumer Identity Management solutions to deliver secure access for customers, workforces, devices and partners


identity services

Altron Security implements Modern Identity Services to ‘clean up’ fragmented user account silos. We enable central services for your employees’ and partners’ user accounts and their associated access. We leverage federation, access management, strong authentication, authorisation engines and machine learning to create a set of services that can be used by all software developers. Your IT environment will benefit from standards-based identity protocols, managed access and strong authentication.



Dynamic Auth-Z


identity management

The ‘holy grail’ of Digital Transformation solutions is to create common identity security services for both your workforce and your consumers. Altron Security focuses on agile solutions that make standards-based identity protocols available for Consumer Identity Management, leveraging services for authentication, multi-factor, authorisation and personalisation.

  • Registration
  • Single sign-on
  • Unified consumer profile
  • Personalisation
  • Secure customer authentication
  • API intelligence

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