Data Security


Data is critical to any organisations business operation and objective. Protecting this data from unauthorised access, use or modification minimises the risk of operational disruptions and financial losses. Today data security controls have increased to meet demand of protecting sensitive data which extends past implementing basic security technologies seen over prior years. This includes the ability to cater for various architectures as well as high transactional environments without impacting core business requirements.


In today’s world data is increasing at an exponential rate. A large portion of this data is identified as sensitive or critical data and key to any organisations day to day operations or future success. Protecting this data wherever it may reside, on premise, cloud or hybrid and whatever state, in transit, at rest or in use is critical to any Data Security Strategy. There is also a clear trend that the inclusion of data security controls within large product platforms that handle critical data sets is on the increase. Although data security is inherent within most systems that store and process data, there are key capabilities that are being adopted more widely. These include but not limited to capabilities such as Data Masking, Encryption (Format Preserving) and Tokenisation. Depending on the business need each capability can be implemented to address unique requirements identified.


Data protection builds customer trust and enables compliance to global regulations, including POPIA. Privacy regulations recommend many methods including encryption, pseudonymization, and anonymisation to protect personal data. This is dependent on the business need identified and how the data will be handled and by whom. Our leading software partnerships allow for the securing of sensitive data and supporting the use of such data in its protect state while being transported, used or stored to safely drive business value.


The ability to transform normal text into an unreadable format for consumption by authorised users. This includes the ability to ensure that required applications operate on the secure data flowing through the enterprise with no gaps, no decryption, and no performance overhead. Data can easily and continuously be protected throughout the lifecycle, from discovery to encryption whilst providing for usage monitoring and reporting. This can be enabled over multiple layers and environments such as on premise, cloud or hybrid environments.
The ability to encrypt sensitive data in analytics platforms and data lakes in the cloud and on premise, (including Vertica, Snowflake, Teradata, Hadoop, and many others), to increase access to data for faster insights.


The ability to mask data which is presented on documents or systems however depending on role cannot be viewed by users as it is not required for their fulfillment of the process activity. This can be easily achieved through masking, ultimately catering for an organisation to still allow for relevant information to visible while protecting sensitive information which is not relevant to the query or processing being done.

Secure Stateless Tokenization (SST)

Enables PCI DSS compliance in retail merchant, payment processor, and consumer-facing enterprise environments worldwide. SST delivers high performance to support geographically diverse data centers and scales easily for business growth.


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