Identity Governance and Administration


Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) allows businesses to provide automated access while managing the security and compliance risks to ensure the right person has the right access at the right time. IGA solutions provide rich connectivity options that enable unified management across cloud and on-premises resources. IGA capabilities, including access certification, access request, password management, and provisioning can be provided for cloud and on-premises applications.


Identity governance and administration (IGA) helps businesses to reduce operational costs by automating labour intensive processes such as access certifications, access request, password management and provisioning.

IGA systems also help to reduce the risks associated with managing users’ access by providing centralised visibility of who has access to what. They can provide both detective and preventative policy violations capabilities. They ensure inappropriate access can be quickly identified and also prevented in future via the preventive policy checks as part of the access request and provisioning processes.

IGA improves compliance and audit performance inline with regulations such as SOX, HIPAA and GDPR. IGA ensures consistent business processes for managing passwords and access with an associated audit trail.

IGA is one the few security capabilities that provide improvement to business process by ensuring resources can do their jobs by timeously provisioning them the correct access. It also ensures that when resources not longer need access that this access is revoked in target applications and systems.

With modern IGA platforms you can also expect Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities to be used to provide insights into users’ access, provide recommendations as part of the access request and certification business and assist with the modelling of access to businesses needs.


Lifecycle management

Ensure your workforce have rapid and secure access to the technological resources they need to perform their roles. This includes access related to the joiner/mover/leaver (JML) business processes by automatically provisioning the associated access.

Password management

Ensure you a secure self service capability to for users to manage and reset their passwords aligned to defined password policies.

Compliance management

Ensure users always have appropriate access and gain visibility of current access aligned to policy and regulatory requirements.

Automate workflows

You can create automated workflows for processes like onboarding and offboarding users, providing certain roles with different levels of access, and approving user access to applications and systems.

Manage permissions

Businesses can streamline the review and verification of user access to various apps and resources and automatically provision and deprovision access permissions at the user and application level. Furthermore, they can also specify and verify the actions that users are able to carry out in various applications and define and manage access through user roles.

Ensure compliance through comprehensive reporting

With logging, reporting, and analytics functionalities, companies can remain compliant with industry-specific and general data-focused regulations. These tools can also help identify potential optimization opportunities or risks.

Scale your organization

Centralized policies for identity management help to streamline processes across various applications—whether they’re on-premises or on the cloud. This allows your own developers to focus on the work they do best, enhancing your custom application and organically growing your customer audience.


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