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Systems infrastructures from a decade ago are unrecognisable from those implemented entirely in the digital age. When we arrived on the Identity Security scene most of our potential clients operated systems with mainframes, ERP software, user directories and hardcoded access. Many of our largest customers run legacy systems alongside their modern IT system infrastructures which feature services in the cloud, SaaS, single user identity and multiple access points. Our Zero Trust Security solutions are essential for large firms that operate hybrid systems.

  • Identity Security enables security and provides fantastic user experience for workforce, partners and consumers

  • Identity Security is the key to enabling your digital transformation programme

  • We implement Modern Identity Services and Consumer Identity Management solutions to deliver secure access for customers, workforces, devices and partners

identity governance

Is your IT team keeping up with the joiners, movers and leavers of your workforce? Identifying users and managing their access is ‘mission critical’ for Identity Security – because movers or leavers often cause scattered access legacies, entitlement creep or worse. Our Identity Governance solution ensures that each of your employees has the appropriate ‘least privilege’ access. The new joiner process is automated as far as possible through a single user interface to select and approve access. Top national and multinational brands have trusted Altron Security to deliver on their Identity Governance needs since 2004.

Our Identity Governance solutions address the challenges your company may experience in managing a diverse set of user account challenges. We focus on:

Access Certification
Access Review
File Access Management
Password Management
Policy Management


Account Security

Are you confident that your ‘super user’ accounts – often hard-to-trace and hard-coded into your systems – are protected? We mastered this aspect of Identity Security while servicing some of Africa’s largest organisations. Today, Privileged Account Security is the number one security priority for corporate clients in the banking, insurance and telecommunications industries, to name a few. We use specialised technology to identify, secure and manage workforce or partners’ access to these most high privileged accounts.

  • Credential vaulting
  • Session management
  • Least privilege
  • Application Credential Management
  • Container Management
  • Threat analytics



Our DynamicAuthorisations solution adopts attributes-based access controls (ABAC) to replace hundreds or thousands of roles with a few simple policies that are managed centrally across all applications and systems. Policies are managed externally and easily updated and authorisation and access can be granted dynamically, in real-time across applications, databases, big data and API’s. The solution also works in a complementary manner with systems and solutions already using RBAC.



Big Data


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