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Identity Security


Your customer data is your most important digital asset. You need a trusted partner to secure this data and your IT systems infrastructure while still delivering an excellent user experience. Altron Security has the knowledge, skills and solutions to deliver world-class Identity Security solutions that cater to your every need. We are experts in controlling access to your legacy systems and understand how your security must evolve as you embark on your Digital Transformation journey.

Scroll down and learn how we deliver secure access to your systems across devices and users.

Your Digital

Transformation future

Are you an innovator? Innovative firms build customer propositions around big data and real-time B2B relationships. Your digital solutions must accommodate disruptive technologies like AI, Big Data, the Cloud, IoT, machine learning and robotics – or you risk falling behind the curve. You must evolve for the changing behaviours exhibited by Millennials and the following generations. Your users want 24/7 access, from any device, anywhere! Are you ready for the Digital Transformation age? We offer two market-leading solutions in this space.

zero trust security

for Your legacy systems

Your IT system security depends on trusting nobody, verifying each user and assigning them the ‘least privilege’ for their respective roles. Zero Trust Security must be enforced across every system in your business, often for multiple username and password locations. You must consider how to protect your corporate environment as well as how each of your systems interact with other systems. Have you achieved ‘Zero Trust Security’ at your company? Altron Security have been market leaders in this field since 2004 and we offer the following solutions.

Discovery of Dark and Sensitive Data

Apply Policy to Manage Data

Regulatory Compliance (GDPR, POPI)

Secure the most Sensitive Data

Data Protection

The world has become a digitized place in which massive amounts of data is being shared online across multiple devices, now more than ever.

All companies are faced with the same challenge: DATA: find it, apply policy to it and encrypt it, if required.

Whether you’re seeking to achieve legislative compliance or build a brand of trust with your customers and regardless of where you currently are in your Data Protection journey, we can assist with advisory, consulting and supporting services.

Discovery of Dark and Sensitive Data

Apply Policy to Manage Data

Regulatory Compliance (GDPR, POPI)

Encrypt the most Sensitive Data

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