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Meet your most complex Identity and Digital Security needs.


Our global partner network ensures that we can meet your most complex Identity and Digital Security needs. We have established relationships with the best partners, vendors, advisory and service providers globally. The vendors we use within our solutions offerings all offer tight integration and are also analyst-recognised as best of breed.

Ascertia logo
Ascertia is a global leader in delivering functionally rich, easy-to-deploy e-security solutions. The company focuses on digital signature creation, verification, time-stamping and secure archiving products, as well as eID validation. These key functions deliver the essential trust services needed by governments, financials, healthcare and other organisations to conduct electronic business.
Axiomatics logo
Axiomatics is the leading provider of Dynamic Authorization. Axiomatics have been supporting governments and businesses for over a decade, enabling them to protect critical assets, meet strict regulations, reduce costs, and improve collaboration.
Cyberark Logo
CyberArk (NASDAQ: CYBR) is the global leader in Identity Security. Centered on privileged access management, CyberArk provides the most comprehensive security offering for any identity – human or machine – across business applications, distributed workforces, hybrid cloud workloads and throughout the DevOps lifecycle. The world’s leading organizations trust CyberArk to help secure their most critical assets.
Founded by mathematicians and cyber defense experts in 2013, Darktrace is a global leader in cybersecurity AI, delivering complete AI-powered solutions in its mission to free the world of cyber disruption. Darktrace protects more than 8,100 customers from the world’s most complex threats, including ransomware, cloud, and SaaS attacks.
Entrust logo
Entrust keeps the world moving safely by enabling trusted identities, payments, and data protection. Today more than ever, people demand seamless, secure experiences, whether they’re crossing borders, making a purchase, accessing e-government services, or logging into corporate networks. Entrust offers an unmatched breadth of digital security and credential issuance solutions at the very heart of all these interactions. The Entrust Digital Security Solutions also offers a complete portfolio of high assurance solutions including identity, digital signing and time stamping, digital certificates, and hardware security modules (HSMs).

Micro Focus is now opentext, and is one of the world’s largest enterprise software providers, delivering mission-critical technology to more than 40,000 customers around the globe. With a broad portfolio underpinned by a deep inventory of advanced analytics. This enables them to adapt to evolving market conditions and
Netsko logo
Netskope, the SASE leader, safely and quickly connects users directly to the internet, any application, and their infrastructure from any device, on or off the network. With CASB, SWG, and ZTNA built natively in a single platform, the Netskope Security Cloud provides the most granular context, via patented technology, to enable conditional access and user awareness while enforcing zero trust principles across data protection and threat prevention everywhere. Unlike others who force tradeoffs between security and networking, Netskope’s global security private cloud provides full compute capabilities at the edge. Netskope is fast everywhere, data-centric, and cloud-smart, all while enabling good digital citizenship and providing a lower total-cost-of-ownership.
NOW Privacy is a data discovery, management, and workflow tool that accelerates data governance, efficiency, and management of an entire organization’s data set. NOW Privacy is a data connector capable of creating a searchable index across multiple databases with unstructured and structured data. Database connectors include (but are not limited to) SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and AWS. NOW Privacy works with 950+ data types, classified using a bulk action. An index of data is created for analysts to rapidly search the data and accurately identify redundant and sensitive data types across data silos. Organizations can proactively secure and limit file access by identifying sensitive data, and redundant data can be removed to reduce storage costs. NOW Privacy does not require that data be copied to a unified storage location.
OneTrust Logo
OneTrust is the category-defining enterprise platform to operationalize trust. More than 12,000 customers, including half of the Fortune Global 500, use OneTrust to make trust a competitive differentiator, implementing central agile workflows across Privacy and Data Governance, GRC and Security Assurance, Ethics and Compliance, and ESG and Sustainability. The OneTrust platform is backed by 200 patents and powered by the OneTrust Athena™ AI and robotic automation engine.
Ping Identity logo
The Ping Intelligent Identity™ platform provides a comprehensive suite of identity services that work in any cloud, hybrid and on-premise environment. From multi-factor authentication and single sign-on to data governance and intelligent API cybersecurity.
SailPoint Logo
SailPoint is the leader in identity security for the modern enterprise. Harnessing the power of AI and machine learning, SailPoint automates the management and control of access, delivering only the required access to the right identities and technology resources at the right time. Our sophisticated identity platform seamlesslyintegrates with existing systems and workflows, providing thesingular view into all identities and their access. We meet customers where they are with an intelligent identity solution that matches the scale, velocity and environmental needs of the modern enterprise. SailPoint empowers the most complexenterprises worldwide to build a security foundation grounded in identity security.
Silverfort is the leader in unified identity threat protection, enabling secure authentication and access across all corporate resources, both on-premises and in the cloud, to detect and stop identity-based attacks. Using patented technology, Silverfort enforces its protection as a layer on top of the customer’s existing IAM infrastructure, without requiring modifications to endpoints, servers or applications. This includes resources that couldn’t be protected before, such as legacy applications, command-line interfaces, industrial systems, machine-to-machine access and more. Silverfort is trusted by hundreds of global enterprise customers, including Fortune 100 companies, and has won awards from Gartner, Microsoft, and Dun & Bradstreet.
Thales logo
Thales e-Security is a leading global provider of data protection solutions, with more than 40 years' experience securing the world’s most sensitive information. Our customers – businesses, governments, and technology vendors with a broad range of challenges – use Thales products and services to improve the security of applications that rely on encryption and digital signatures.
Venafi logo
Venafi as a thought leader in the security industry is a cybersecurity company that develops software to secure and protect cryptographic keys and digital certificates. Its enterprise key and certificate management and security products are certificate authority (CA) independent and manage security instruments such as digital certificates and Secure Shell (SSH) and asymmetric encryption keys.
Transmit Security Logo
Transmit Security gives businesses the modern tools they need to build secure, trusted and end-to-end digital identity journeys to innovate and grow. CX-focused, cybersecurity-conscious leaders rely on Transmit Security’s CIAM platform to provide their customers with smooth experiences protected from fraud across all channels and devices. Transmit Security serves many of the world’s largest banks, insurers, retailers, and other leading brands, collectively responsible for more than $2 trillion in annual commerce.