Altron Security and Entrust: Protecting Businesses with High-Assurance SSL/TLS Certificates

June 28, 2023

In today's digital landscape, SSL/TLS certificates play a vital role in encrypting website data and securing online transactions. As the demand for high assurance and secure digital trust continues to grow, Altron Security recognises the importance of providing comprehensive SSL/TLS certificate solutions to protect sensitive information, login details, file transfers, and electronic payments with the strongest encryption available.

"The public certificates landscape has undergone rapid evolution in recent years," says Lauren Collier, subject matter expert for SSL/TLS certificates at Altron Security. "The digital transformation landscape has created new use cases that demand high assurance and secure digital trust, driving organisations to adopt more certificates to ensure the security and protection of their environments. Adopting a zero-trust strategy has become imperative in this era of growing human and machine identities."

One of the key drivers behind this transformation is the introduction of new players and protocols in the market issuing Domain Validated (DV) certificates at unprecedented volumes. However, this proliferation of DV certificates has detracted from the importance of the verification processes followed by high-assurance certificate providers. Altron Security, in collaboration with Entrust, distinguishes itself by prioritising the verification of entities, domains, and individuals. By maintaining an in-house verification team and adhering to the strict regulations set out by the Certification Authority Browser (CAB) Forum, Altron Security helps ensure that its customers' brands and reputations remain protected.

The adoption of Transport Layer Security (TLS)/SSL protocols and initiatives promoting their use has also had a significant impact. Organisations are increasingly focusing on always-on TLS/SSL, short-lived certificate lifecycles, and automation. As discussions around further reducing certificate lifespans continue, the need for a comprehensive certificate solution that can manage multiple certificates with shorter validity periods becomes even more critical. Altron Security, in partnership with Entrust, offers organisations peace of mind by addressing their certificate management needs with innovative and automated solutions.

Cloud-based solutions have emerged as enablers for PKI-based use cases, providing benefits in terms of deployment, maintenance, and security. Altron Security recognises the value of these cloud-based certificate management services, allowing customers to manage their certificates anytime, anywhere. By leveraging the Entrust Certhub solution, Altron Security simplifies the complexities associated with managing certificates issued by various providers. Entrust Certhub enables easy lifecycle management, automation capabilities, and compliance simplification, effectively streamlining the management of multiple certificates.

Additionally, Altron Security provides a free discovery scanner solution, empowering customers to gain full control over their digital certificate ecosystem by identifying all digital certificates in their environment. This comprehensive certificate management solution offered by Altron Security and Entrust helps enable organisations to enhance security, streamline certificate management, and ensure compliance.

With over 40% market share in South Africa for OV and EV digital certificates, Altron Security demonstrates its commitment to issuing high-assurance certificates that meet the highest standards. Alongside their comprehensive certificate service solutions, Altron Security and Entrust are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service and helping organisations achieve their certificate goals.

A noteworthy example is a longstanding 12-year collaboration with a financial institution that has successfully mitigated cybersecurity risks and efficiently managed their certificates by implementing high-assurance SSL/TLS certificates and utilising Altron Security's lifecycle certificate management solution. This partnership exemplifies the trust, value, and practical impact that Altron Security and Entrust provide to their customers.

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, where securing online identities and data is crucial, Altron Security offers organisations the assurance of rigorous verification processes, high-assurance SSL/TLS certificates, and cutting-edge certificate management solutions. The partnership between Altron Security and Entrust is built on a foundation of trust, expertise, and market leadership, combining Altron Security's industry knowledge with Entrust's renowned certificate management systems.