API Security


To protect against advanced API threats we provide a solution that leverages AI and ML to gain complete visibility of API traffic to detect and block threats.


API attacks continue to evolve and with the high number of APIs companies expose the threat landscape continues to expand for API security. Existing security solutions for API like authentication, authorisation and rate limiting are not enough. API security strategies need to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to gain complete visibility of API traffic to detect and block threats. Taking an intelligent approach will enable your organization to learn the normal behavior of each API to discover APIs and automatically detect and block threats.


Unified View of API Traffic

Organisations are now utilizing APIs more than ever -- from multiple cloud environments and data centers to leveraging different gateways across multiple business units. Though APIs have enormous benefits for those who utilise them, the extent to which they are used can unfortunately lead to blind spots; shadow APIs and the inability to properly track who is doing what on those APIs.

The good news is that our solution can help you bring all your API traffic into a single pane of glass with user-friendly dashboards to easily monitor your entire API infrastructure.

Detect and Automatically Block API Attacks

Hackers look like normal users with valid credentials and accounts, which makes them particularly difficult to detect with traditional security methods. Our solution leverages AI to expose and block constantly evolving API attacks. These include — but aren’t limited to:

  • Authentication System Attacks: Bad actors use credential stuffing and other brute force attacks to breach API infrastructures using valid credentials.
  • Data and Application Attacks: Hackers typically use a valid account to reverse-engineer APIs and take over other accounts to steal information, disrupt a system or compromise data.
  • Targeted API DoS/DDoS Attacks: Hackers tune attacks to stay below rate limits, which can disable services provided by APIs and/or damage the user experience.
  • Expose Anomalous API Behaviors: “Bad” behavior isn’t always caused by a hacker instigating a breach. Our solution can detect and alert your DevOps and security teams on abnormal situations in production, from API bugs and misconfigurations, to deployment issues that could be a source of data leaks or other costly mishaps. For partners and third party application developers accessing your APIs, we can identify any misuse or abuse for your teams to quickly address.


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